rapt, gloATL, July 2009
Location: High Museum of Art Piazza, Commissioned by: The Alliance Theater and The Woodruff Arts Center
Homage to King, Xavier Medina-Campeny, 1996
Location: Bouldevard & Freedom Parkway, Commissioned by: Corporation for Olympic Development in Atlanta (CODA)



Public Art: Advocating a Vision

We support public art because it

  • creates civic space
  • makes art accessible to everyone beyond galleries and museums
  • beautifies or mitigates infrastructure
  • attracts a creative workforce
  • increases tourism
  • defines neighborhoods and landmarks
  • celebrates civic achievements
  • addresses social issues
  • and becomes a significant part of the image of the city


In order to achieve a public art environment of excellence in the Metro Atlanta area, on par with national models for Public Art, we advocate the following:


1 We advocate the active involvement of artists in every aspect of designing and building our city. The inclusion of art in our everyday work and living environments is critical to the enhancement of life in each and every community. Dynamic and transformative Public Art along with excellent design can set a city apart in its constant competition for economic development.

2 We support organized Percent for the Arts Programs. Government funding set aside from Capital Improvement Projects or other tax mechanisms for the creation, installation, and maintenance of public art and arts facilities in public and private (publicly accessible) buildings, facilities and in other public spaces.

3 All public art programs should be competently and professionally staffed, well-planned, efficiently run, and have consistently applied eligible funding.

4 Public transportation such as roads, bridges, sidewalks, bus and public transit lines should include public art.

5 Green space and pathways should be enhanced by public art, including Atlanta‚Äôs transformative Beltline Project.

6 All infrastructure projects, including water and sewage facilities should incorporate public art in dynamic and innovative ways.

7 We support public art in private development, both by cultivating excellence in voluntary participation and the creation and management of mandatory private per cent mechanisms.

8 Ongoing conservation and maintenance of all public art work is of utmost importance, and funding should be set aside to care for these public assets. Permanent works of art are assets only if they are cared for.

9 Temporary public art adds to the dynamic mix of public art offerings in the urban environment, and individual pieces and large scale projects such as Art in Freedom Park are to be supported and encouraged.

10 Community participation and awareness among the broadest range of citizens is critical to the success of public art. We advocate media, outreach and educational campaigns to encourage the understanding and support of all citizens for the value of public art.

Metropolitan Public Art Coalition (MPAC). PO Box 5025. Atlanta, GA 30302.
Email: publicart@mpacAtlanta.org